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Our Proceeds

Our running events have become a vehicle for reinvestment in students. In a time of shallow pockets, we have been able to use race proceeds to reinvest in student development. Through race proceeds, we were able to sponsor a number of students to attend the CreateWV conference to learn about and explore strategies to grow the state economically and socially and to support student travel for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico through the Red Cross... and much more. Please take a moment to look at a video produced by one of our students upon reflection of the conference experience:

Past race proceeds also helped to support a program that trained local school children to complete the 5K event. Race proceeds allowed us to make race registration possible for all interested child runners and their families. Also, we were able to work with local artisans for the production of our race medal and race awards. We solicited our medal and award designs from a local potter and glass craftsperson. Please follow the links below to learn more about these aspects: charleston-half-marathon-finisher-medals-showcase-local-artist.aspx

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